The Woodblock Printing technique is the oldest, simplest and the slowest known in fabric ornamenting. Using the carved wooden blocks, the artist applies pressure on the fabric solely through groping and her own physical power. Despite the slow and ardour nature of this process, the result in many cases is highly artistic. Fabrics ornamented in this fashion are also known as “Yazma” and the technique as “Yazmacılık” in Turkey.

Blocks are fixed by craftsmen, to be applied on ornaments prepared by designers. For each separate colour and standalone figure of the design, a unique block is to be prepared. Then, the artist decides on the location for each ornament to be printed on a fabric or the material, and prepares dye for each colour. Fabric is then ornamented as the dyed wooden blocks are pressed on with hands. Dying of the block and its pressing on the fabric is achieved by bare hands only. As such, the resulting colour has different densities in different parts of the block. Also, the pressure applied in different parts of the block is disparate. That’s why, the result in hand is never homogenous, yet it acquires a natural and artistic look. As the density of the dying and the physical pressure applied by the artist will almost always vary from one case to the other, the final outcome for every ornament is consequentially different from the previous. This in turn ensures that every product manufactured in this technique is totally unique.

In its workshop in İzmir, Chitra is applying the Woodblock Printing technique on 100% cotton, linen, silk and local fabric it has hand-picked attentively, sticking faithfully with the origins of the technique and hand-crafting the whole manufacturing cycle.